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About Marti's Family Tree
What better way to honor our ancestors than to research their life history. A family  history is more than names, dates, places and events. It is about our ancestors,  descendants and ourselves, who we are, where we lived, accomplishments we have made,  and the events that we participated in during our particular time in history.

Each family member has a story to tell and as family historian/genealogists, it is up  to us to record our family’s stories. All of us know something about our living  relatives; we enjoy telling stories about their achievements and exploits.  Yet, our  knowledge of our families often does not go beyond those members we actually know.

From the birth of a great great grandparent to the birth of the newest child born  into a family, recording your family history can be the storehouse of valuable and  treasured information, (which should be true to the facts and substantiated with  documentation) to be pass on to future generations.

My Family Research has taken me on a journey through historical timelines of some of  the most significant events in American history. Consequently in my research, I have  found that many of my ancestors have traveled in parallel paths probably crossing  paths at one time or another.  They traveled the paths as Slaves, Slaves Masters,  Union Soldiers, Confederate Soldiers, Buffalo Soldiers, Indians, Rich, Poor, Blacks  and Whites.

My research has helped me to understand my family’s history. I have linked seventeen  generations of ancestors through centuries and across many continents.  I have  intertwined triumphant family stories from my racially dichotomous families to the  more sorrowful stories about my enslaved ancestor’s.

I am intrigued with the challenge of exploring the unknown and learning so much about  my ancestors of the past, their lives, some personalities, and many accomplishments.   I am hopeful that my research will one-day enable me to unravel the mysteries of my  family’s history.  In recording, my family history I am confidence that my research  has created windows of light that will give my decedents a sense of when, where and  how our family evolved.

I dedicate my research to the memory of my ancestors' who helped me vision the  sacrifices’ they made during the darkest times in American History.  My  ancestors’ paved the path and the reason we have been able to accomplish our goals  and see just a little bit farther, is because we have been standing on the shoulders  of our ancestors for generations.

If you have any questions please contact me.


About Me ...

Margaret(Brown) Lewis, is the Vice President of the San Diego African American  Genealogy Research Group in San Diego, California.  She is the former President,  Newsletter Editor and one of the founding members of SDAAGRG.

Margaret is a compelling and influential voice in the genealogy community and she  advocates for the study of Family History. Her genealogical specialty is in Military  and Slave research. She is known for her boundless enthusiasm, and has provided  genealogical presentations and workshops statewide 
 (California), including Arizona and Nevada.

Margaret's love for genealogy is expressed through her many published articles: "A  Soldier's Story", "My Family Link", "He Touched Me", and a family poem "Ancestral  Roll Call", she also  volunteers' in many capacities she is a contributor to “Find A  Grave” web-site transcribing 100’s of obituaries’ and photos of family members,  friends and even some strangers, she is also a consultant on African American  Genealogy at the San Diego Regional Family History Center.

Margaret worked on the Editorial Committee of The Daughters of the Union in honor of  their 100 year anniversary to publish Tent #5 Heritage Book which will feature their  Civil War Ancestors' war stories.

In addition she contributed research materials and pictures to Dr. Frank N. Schubert  for his books Voices of the Buffalo Soldier and the new supplementary volume to On  the Trail of the Buffalo Soldier Vol II, her great great grandfather Jacob W. Wilks,  is featured in both books.

She is currently organizing her research materials to publish in a Family History  Book, to be titled "Ancestral Pursuit".

Group Affiliation:

1. International Society of Sons and Daughters of Slaves Ancestry-Certified member  2. Ninth and Tenth Horse Calvary Association of the Buffalo Soldiers  3. Daughters of the Union Nancy Hanks Lincoln Tent #5 - Certified member  4. San Diego African American Genealogy Research Group- Vice President

Past Presentations:

1. “Preparing a Military Case History”
  2. “Researching Military Records”
  3. “Mining the Roots”
  4. “Genealogical Timelines”
  5. “Clues in the Census” 
  6. "The History of the Buffalo Soldiers"
  7. “Ancestral Roots with Particular Emphasis on Challenges Unique to African Americans”  8. “Wrong Man, Right Name, Wrong Name, Right Man" 
  9. “Researching Slaves in the Family”
 10. "On-Line Family Trees"
 11. "Genealogical Researching on "Find A Grave"

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Those who care nothing about their ancestors will rarely achieve anything worthy of being remembered by their descendents . . .
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